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Casa Cocoroco brings a plant based lifestyle, created from the soul, closer to you.
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Plant Based Cooking Retreats

Food plays an important role in our lives. It is one of the first visceral interactions we have with the outside world. By using our senses we make our food choices. I invite you to explore your senses and to allow your intuition to take the lead. These are the bases of this retreat. We look at what is means to be truly nourished. Nourishment through food and other essential elements beyond food. What fulfills your life? To what extent do you follow your intuition? What does your relationship with food look like?  Through hands-on plant based cooking (and non-cooking) workshops and guided meditiations we intertwine the physical and meta-physical. It is a self-discovery journey. This retreat is for women who are interested to learn more about plant based cooking and look at life from a holistic perspective.


Plant Based Catering
by Delores Diana

Every meal is made with care and brought with love, bringing flavours, natural colours and textures to your table.

Plant Based food brought with passion

Intuitive Cooking Classes - 2024 - 2025

Would you like to experience the joy of preparing a meal, while creating your personal recipe in the moment? Join the intuitive cooking class series, a bundle of interactive workshop, during which your Intuition will be your main guide.

Plant Based Cookbook in the making

For years people have been asking me when my first cookbook will be released. Well this year it is happening. And a happening it is! The past years I have been collecting my recipes. Now, the process of putting them together has been started. When Ginger meets Chili [working title] will not only feature recipes; the book will be a combination of two of my passions. It is possible to fund my process in return for a copy of the book and other culinary rewards. Read more about the book and the donation options by following the button.

casa cocoroco: open. . . natural. . . timeless. . .

About six years ago, cocoroco started as a plant based food catering service. The time has come to transition into something new, as I feel this is one of the big invitations of this year, 2020. Through casa cocoroco I aim to create a space for people who wish to explore a plant based lifestyle. The catering activities  and workshops will continue and are expanded with  more (online) education  and (offline) retreats. My wish for the future is to create a real-life space in which these elements can come together. casa cocoroco is a work in progress, moving along with the movement of these times. I invite you to follow casa cocoroco in this process.

The picture in the header is from Carl Raw on Unsplash. I selected this photo of a green house, because it gives the atmosphere of an open and natural space, which is timeless. In case you wish to stay updated on the development of this heartfelt project, sign up for the updates.

Delores Diana in short

Since seven years Delores Diana is cooking with passion on Ibiza, plant based. Mixing colours, textures and flavour. Raw Food and cooked, feasting food veganly. Delores Diana has always had an interest in holistic wellness and the science behind it. She also is a holistic therapist and an aspiring writer. The journey into food and plant based food in particuliar, has broadened her holistic perspective on nature, humans, animals and the binding factor that is called life…It has sparked a creativity in her that leads to creation casa cocoroco, a seed that was stirring in her for a long time, looking for a way to come out. * This is the start . . .*


Client testimonials

“Delores and her lovely girls prepared food for 40 people at our wedding last Saturday. It was the most beautiful looking and tasting selection of salads and cooked food I have ever had the pleasure to eat, ever!! Her choices for us were too delicious to choose from so we just had guess! Our guests were thrilled with the appearance and flavours that Delores presented us with. Her food ensured that our wedding was perfect. As a person Delores Wielzen has the most beautiful energy and spirit. We will come back and hope to enjoy her food again. Delores, thank you so very much” Dilys Greenwood, London UK