Plant Based Cookbook & Stories

do you have a cookbook published?

Here it comes!

When Ginger Meets Chili [working title]:
Plant based recipes from around the world & Fresh Short Stories.
To be published and launched in 2022

A cookbook combining exotic flavours and fresh short stories. Fictional / partly biographical stories will lead the reader towards the recipes. The recipes are inspired by “World Cuisine” with influences from the Surinamese, Asian and Mediterranean kitchen. The aim is to offer the reader an experience which triggers more than the taste receptors.

The writing process has started, soon I will share how it is coming along.

Support the process, by donating or bying a pre-launch pack. I have set-up a reward plan as an exchange for your support. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

example cover with working title

“When Ginger Meets Chili”

Many clients have asked me why I have not published a vegan cookbook yet. One of the reasons was, that I never wrote down my recipes. I am quite the intuitive cooking type.

Also, I never had an idea which approach to take. Just creating a book with pictures and a recipe did not appeal much to me. So, I left the cookbook creation on one of the shelves of my bucket list. However, after receiving much appreciation on my culinary creations, I took the first step and felt motivated to write down and collect my recipes.

One day, while reminiscing on the things I enjoy in life, I got clarity on which direction to go with this creative project. Since I was a child I
experienced the power of words, the way they can trigger the imagination and express feelings in a manner that touches all the senses. The short story is one of my favourite genres, and recently I started writing them again. “When Ginger meets Chili” (working title) will combine the two passions. Plant based food and Story sharing. Two aspects in life that can create a strong sensory experience.

When will the project start?
The project is already in process, since I have started to collect and write down my recipes since the past two years. My aim is to bring out the book at the end of 2022.

  • Writing process, test cooking & Photography: April, May, June, July
  • Editing & graphic design, marketing pre-order: August, September
  • Publishing & marketing final version: October, November

Donations & Rewards
The book will be written, “si o si” (Spanish for anyhow, anyway), the process has already started and my motivation is on fire. 🙂 I appreciate any contribution. It is a part of making this project a success in 2022.

Through my website  I will communicate updates on the writing process and the overall project.
The following reward scheme is in place as way to express my gratitude for your support:

  • Contribution €30,-     I  1 book
  • Contribution €75,-    I  1 book, plus a Plant based nutrition consult or workshop.
    Online or face-to-face in the Netherlands or in Ibiza.
  • Contribution €190,- I  2 books plus a private plant based 4- 5 course dinner for two people – cooked by me.
    In the Netherlands or on Ibiza.
  • Contribution €450,- I  5 books plus a private plant based 4- 5 course dinner for 5 people – cooked by me.
    In the Netherlands or on Ibiza.

Any amount above €450,- will be rewarded accordingly with several books and / or a workshop (consult) or dinner.

Thank you so much for reading to the end. I look forward to making this project a success. By launching this project and publishing this book, I feel I am igniting a long desired wish to bring my creative spark and a positive contribution to the future of personal health on small scale and on the earth and animals on a larger scale.